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Good afternoon Pre Kindy Families 🙂

We welcome you all to another wonderful day. Today we continued to build on the interest of making paper and getting ourselves ready to plant some seeds. Today’s step in the exploration of recycling saw us get all the paper (that had been sitting in water) get it in our hands and squeeze all of the water out. Harrison M, Romney, Conall, Amelia and Charlotte showing interest in wanting to help so they headed to the trough and began to squeeze, as they continued to do so Miss Bek went on the hunt for some sieves to make the task at hand easier. They then filled the sieves with the paper and pushed down, pressing all the water out. 

Whilst our friends were doing this Harper, Ariana and Grace were playing with a plastic container, Ariana sat herself inside whilst Grace and Harper pushed her around, they were role playing racing a car. Colton and Harry spent time with the cushions building forts and playing jumping beans. Bjorn, Cruiz and Lincoln spent time playing the animal kingdom activity set up in the classroom and Alex, Cohen, Ella, Vaughn, Ayla spent their morning in the transportation area, playing with the cars and rocket ship. 

We then headed outdoors, Harrison M and Harry continued with getting our paper all drained. Ariana, Charlotte and Harper headed for the bikes as they drove them across the playground. Colton and Bjorn found their much-loved green dump trucks and along with Harrison L they were zooming around collecting things, carrying it all over before offloading it all. Cohen, Conall and Lincoln headed to the sand pit and monkey bars. Vaughn spent time with building blocks and sticks making all sorts of different shapes.

This afternoon will see us enjoy our lunch before taking some time for rest and relaxation. 

We hope that everyone has a safe and enjoyable weekend, for those friends who are off on adventures due to school holidays we hope you have fun!!! We will see you back in 2 weeks! 

Miss Bek and Miss Tiff