Hello Pre-Kindy families,

This morning we started the day outside in the warm sun. As we arrived we grabbed our hats, put our water bottles on the trolley and put on sunscreen. We explored climbing, sliding down the slides, riding the bikes, swinging on the swings, sandpit play and running around with our friends.

We then went to the toilet, washed our hands and gathered on the green mat to quietly and individually read a book. Once all our friends were together we sung one of our favourite songs ‘Skidarink a dink a dink’ to show Miss Talia our actions. We then read the book ‘hands are for holding’, a picture book all about senses.

Then we sat at the tables for morning tea, today we had fruit toast with strawberry jam with pineapple and orange.

After morning tea we split into 2 groups for activity time. Half the class ventured outside to go on a ‘5 senses field walk’, while the other half stayed inside role playing in home corner, drawing and playing with the blocks and cars. Millie and Marama created an obstacle with the blocks for the cars, Ayla and Kaylee explored in our natural zone bringing in a dot painted log from outside, and after being asked some questions from their 5 senses field walk this is what some friends responded with:
Kaylee said – I feel the wind
Bonnie said – I can see the trees
William said – I can hear the recycle truck
Tanner said – This grass is fluffy
Hendrix said – All the rocks are cold

We then packed away the room before getting ready for lunch. Today for lunch we had rice and mince bowls with salad.

Before getting ready for rest time we gathered on the green mat for a very special ‘show and tell’. Thank you William for bringing in your Kid’s spartan 2020 medal’. William told his friends he was with his mummy in the race and he won the medal for the obstacle course.

After rest time we will enjoy a yummy afternoon tea before heading outside for a big play.

What a wonderful day we have had.
Love from Miss Livia and Miss Talia