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Welcome to Fabulous Friday in Pre Kindy. We were unable to venture outdoors this morning due to the smoke haze, but oh what a fun morning we have had. We continued on with our Dinosaur Theme. As the children were fascinated by the huge dinosaur footprint in Miss Lyn’s book yesterday, they thought it would be interesting to compare foot sizes and have created their own dinosaur footprints. These will be displayed down the hallway in our room. Coen, Eva & Marshall were all archeologists digging in the sand for dinosaur eggs & bones. Then it was on to our dinosaur park where Mariah watched as Marshall & Mace stomped the dinosaurs over the bridges & buildings. When Miss Jeni arrived it was time for Funky Feet dance class, with everyone getting their Friday groove on … other activities the children enjoyed today were – role play in home corner, where Ellie fed her babies (Mace & Marshall), singing nursery rhymes with Miss Lyn & also the play dough was lots of fun. We hope you all have a lovely weekend & look forward to seeing you all on Monday. Love From Miss Donna & Miss Lyn 😊💕💕😊