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Good Afternoon all lovely families,

what a wonderful Friday its been. This morning we all explored the yard which we were building tall towers, riding the bikes, swinging on the swing, balancing an the balancing beam and making some mud pies. This morning while in the yard we had  an incident with a window breaking this became a great learning experience for everyone as we discuses in group time how to respect our toys and understand how to be safe with our toys both inside and outside environments. Afterwards we filled our tummies with some yummy food and moved onto some activities.

Miss Dom had some painting set up for everyone. we all used orange paint and created some masterpieces! we loved getting our hands dirty and created some finger painting which help some express their emotions which was fantastic to see. Harper, Wilder, Vaughan, Charlotte, Ariana and Amelia loved creating fantastic artwork. Miss Jess and Wilder, Colton, Romney, Harry and Conall all built a train track for us all to use. it was lots of fun we worked together to build the track and encouraged each other to go round the track. We also used the Lego to build some tall towers and we added some dinosaurs to create a jungle city. Afterwards it was time to pack away and start dancing with Miss Jenny. Today with Miss Jenny we played with some holler hoops and musical instruments. we all enjoyed dancing, holler hoops and musical instruments with Miss Jenny. dancing made us really hungry and we ever excited for lunch. we all washed our hands and sat down at the table nicely waiting to be served.

This afternoon we will explore the outside environment. we will be exploring the sandpit, bike track, making some more masterpiece’s with crayons and some ball games with some holler hoops.

Much Love Miss Jess and Miss Dom  ❤