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Good afternoon Pre-Kindy families

A very happy Friday to all, we hope you looking forward to the long weekend! Friendly reminder that Kindy is closed on Monday. As we are coming into the winter months we ask that you please remember to pack long pants and jumpers for your child, especially when arriving early morning or staying past 4.30pm as it is getting cold. Here at Kindy we are encouraging the children to keep their shoes on when heading outside for afternoon play, if you could also please have conversations with your little ones around the importance of shoes to keep the bodies warm went its cold 🙂

Fun Fact Friday- Kangaroos cannot walk backwards!

This morning we welcomed Harry, Myla, Colten, Aleksandar, Bjorn, Cohen, Ariana, Harper, Vaughn, Cruiz, Conall, Charlotte, Lily, Amelia, Latika and Lincoln.  We started our morning off inside due to the rain, we had puzzles set up as well as building blocks and home corner. We were lucky enough that the rain decided to stop so we got to go out side for a little bit before morning tea. For morning tea we have granola, yoghurt, sultans, peaches, pears and watermelon so yummy and so good for us!

Group time today was really interesting, Miss Bek led with the acknowledgement to our land, and then we did the weather report! Amelia was our weather girl this morning and she told the class that it was raining, which lead into a discussion about rainbows which they children loved, some said they saw the rainbow this morning. We the made a rainbow in the classroom how did we do this; we used a glass of water, placing a compact mirror inside the water, we then flashed a torch on the mirror which caused light refraction projecting a rainbow on to the wall. The children has so much fun seeing this, they then wanted to draw their own rainbows! So we moved into self select activities where majority of the class started off by drawing and coloring their own rainbows, we then had puzzles, dramatic play and some friends doing their mothers day presents with tiffany (spoiler alert: there are a few giveaway photos today). We then had funky feet so all children headed to the treehouse todo some dancing.

Todays lunch was deconstructed burgers with a salad bar. This afternoon will see us most likely inside as it is raining so will look todo some arts and crafts and tower building.

We look forward to seeing everyone next week Tuesday,

Miss Bek and Miss Tiffany