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Good Good Afternoon to our Pre Kindy families, we hope you are having a wonderful Friday. What an amazing day we have had today with activities chosen by the children …  They left the home corner on the side (their favorite spot) and turned our room into a big car racing track.  In this simple play activity they developed their motor coordination trying to fit the parts of the track, their relationship with colleagues, sharing the cars and talking with each other, besides having a lot of fun.

As we have a lot of energy and you all know we dance and jump with the songs from Kidz Bop, that is a brand of compilation albums featuring children singing contemporary pop songs, made more kid appropriate by changing lyrics. Here’s a good tip for you use at home with your kids! 😉 We used all our instruments, rainbow ribbons and we show all our musical abilities and a lot of charm as you can see in the photos bellow

Other activities chosen today were Play dough with the cookie cutters & paddle pop sticks – Use our stencils to do lots of stencil drawing and drawing flags chosen by them from our flag book. Also we learned about colour’s on our Pattern Cards using toys to match, by the way they are cute! 💕😊

In the afternoon we played in the farm corner and learned about animals and did some painting.

To finish our day, we went outside but before we put sunscreen on and talked about sun safety and healthy care, very important on this days that are so hot!

I hope you like the photos, we wish you all a wonderful weekend & look forward to seeing you all on Monday

Love from Livia 😉💕😊 xx