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Happy Friday Pre Kindergarten families and families. Our morning began with outdoor play, where some of us sat with Miss Gabi to listen to her read a story. Some of us chose to ride the bikes, while others chose the sandpit to create and bake. Our morning group time was fun as we sang “I Had A Little Turtle” and listened to to the stories, “Superchimp” about a little monkey who love to dress up as a superhero and save his friends and also “I’m NOT  Very Brave” a story about a little dragon who was scared of just about everything until he started school and learned that it was fun. For our indoor activities we engaged in small groups to create our red collages to support Day For Daniel ….. it is lovely to see the children dressed up in red to support the Daniel Morcombe Foundation ( created to make Australia a safer place for children). For our collage we used red paper, red wool and red glitter. Other activities the children engaged in were – farm animal play, role play with the hair dressing sets, Halloween cutting and gluing, car play and home area role play. We also enjoyed Funky Feet Dance class with Miss Jen, doing our stretching and warm up exercises before dancing like skeletons to “Dem Bones” Then before lunch Miss Lyn read the book “Tree Top Twins Wilderness Adventure” brought in by Hendrix to share with his friends. In this book we learned about black rhinos and that the have sensitive skin and use mud for sunscreen, the can also run twice as fast as a human sprinter and they are herbivores, eating only leaves, branches, bushes and fruit. We would like to wish Kaylee a very Happy 4th Birthday and thankyou for bringing in cake to share with your friends. We hope you enjoy the rest of your afternoon and wish you all a lovely weekend.
Love from Miss Lyn & Miss Livia.