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Our day begun with outdoor play. We played in kitchen area, sand pit and bike riding was our favourite sport of the day. Outdoor play helps children in improving their gross motor skills and helps in their physical wellbeing.

In group time, we did the yarning circle and sang some songs. We also talked about red and green choices. We counted our friends with the help of a rainbow glitter stick, one of our friend help us do that. Then we went inside to have our morning tea.

As we discussed about the Waitangi day, yesterday , we painted some feathers today during our inside activities time. Children showed their excitement to colour the feathers for the skirts. This helps in their fine motor skills and they get knowledge about different cultures. we also coloured the tops to stick the feathers on them.

We had our dance teacher today, Miss Jenni with us today. We went to the tree house and showed our dancing moves and also followed Miss Jenni’s instruction and had lots of fun!

Have a wonderful day !

By Parminder and Vanessa