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Hello everyone, and welcome to the end of yet another very busy week in the Pre-Kindy room. This morning we only played very briefly outside as it was extremely hot and uncomfortable by 8.45 am. We have had several different Christmas themed activities available indoors to keep your children interested, challenged and curious. These included:

  • Making Christmas baubles with sequins, glitter, coloured PVC glue and felt
  • Colouring in Christmas inspired stencils
  • Making magic snowflake art using white crayons and watercolours
  • Making Santa Claus faces using brown felt, red buttons, cotton balls, paper hats/glasses, PVC glue and textas

Other activities chosen by the children included:

  • Building with large Lego blocks
  • Toy cars on the road/city foam tiles
  • Playdough with plastic body parts used by our friends to make monsters, elves and snowmen
  • Narla, Eva, Ellie, Coen, Ellie, Mariah and Oli also set out a picnic mat filled with lots of healthy food items and cups of tea in the book corner area

In addition, we went on a hunt for “Norman the naughty elf” – he kept hiding in different places and the children had to find him – along with the help of Miss Amanda! They found it very challenging to crouch down and hide whilst Norman kept moving around the room 😊

We also read a story that Ellie brought in to share with us today – “Wombat Stew”..thank you Ellie!

Enjoy the rest of your day today and stay cool in the heat! Please remember to dress your child in an outfit/t-shirt with sleeves to avoid getting burnt…for example, today, temperatures reached 37 degrees at Oxenford. Have a wonderful weekend everybody!

Love, Miss Donna and Miss Amanda xx