Happy Friday families and friends. What a glorious day. This morning while outside some of our children sat up on the climbing mound observing what their friends were doing and reporting this back to Miss Livia – “Mr Andrew is making everyone happy” said Bonnie. Tanner said “Miss Lyn is watching the children and taking photos. Kaylee said “Latika is playing with a train, while Ivy observed “William is playing with water and Ellie said “Eva has an ice cream shop.” Some of our other friends chose to ride the bikes, play hopscotch, make a car track down the climbing ramp from the outdoor classroom and show our climbing skills. Once inside we sat and did our acknowledgement to country before listening to the story “Watch Out Little Narwhal” about a little narwhal that keeps getting stuck in things, but when he gets stuck in seaweed, his friend Jelly Joe rescues him. The children loved Jelly Joe so after they expressed their interest in painting the jellyfish I set this activity up with water paints. Other things that they engaged in were – dress ups, home area play, car mat play. It was then time for our Funky Feet Dance class with Miss Jen where we showed off our dance moves using some pom pom routines. Before lunch we enjoyed the book The Dinkey Donky. This afternoon we will continue our outdoor play. Have a great weekend. Love from Miss Lyn & Miss Livia. 😊💞😊