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Welcome families to our FUN FRIDAY!

Despite the rainy weather we all still had a beautiful day and lots of fun inside♥

To start the morning off we all danced away to the beat of the music while showing off our denim for Jeans for Genes day, no better way to start the day with laughter and smiles from everyone. Some of our friends then headed outside to the verandah out of the rain to play with the cars on the car mat which was very popular. Inside our friends explored imagination as they cooked away in home corner and dressed up as FIRE BRIGADES!!

For our morning group time today Miss Jess put the “Freeze song” on as well as some favorite wiggle songs before morning tea! After our scrumptious morning tea our friends packed away and explored the activities set out on the tables. On one table we had a large pair of jeans for us to decorate anyway our friends wanted to!!! THEY LOVED IT!!! Some friends chose to put hand prints all over while others chose to paint with the paintbrushes, using their fingers to dot paint, decorating with sequences and letting their imagination flow as they decorated away. On another table some of our friends enjoyed matching the colored patterns with the counters.

We did a lock down drill and everyone responded so well! They all listened to instructions and where to go when we have a lock down. So very impressed!!! Well done friends♥

Time flies when having FUN as Miss Jenny was here to do some dancing with us!!! We started to learn our dance for the end of the year and wow oh wow what moves our friends have! We practiced hopscotch and the macarena dance. Such little groovers! When Miss Jenny left our friends all came together for some reading time as Miss Livia got lunch ready.

After lunch time we all packed away and headed for our beds to relax our bodies and to re energize for this afternoons whirl of excitement.

This afternoon we sadly couldn’t go outside but nevertheless as we still had a wonderful time inside! The piano was played, songs were sung, imagination and laughter was whizzing around and so much more.

Thank You Pre Kindy for today,

Have a lovely and safe weekend,

Miss Jess and Miss Livia♥