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Good Morning Pre-Kindy families

Happy Monday, we hope that everyone had a joyful weekend and your ready to take on the new week 🙂 Today Miss Bek is away sick so it has been Miss Lara and Miss Tiffany in the classroom. This morning we welcomed Harry, Colton, Harrison, Myla, Cruiz, Lincoln, Bjorn, Ryan, Lachlan, Ariana, Avila and Madalyn.

This morning we started our morning off in the outside yard, where we had set up multiple area for the children to explore we had the big dump trucks our where Harrison and Colton were loading them up with blocks and taking them from one side of the yard to the other. We had Myla and Madalyn playing with each other this morning, they were on the bikes taking turns giving each other a lift. Bjorn, Ryan and Lachlan were getting amongst the water play and sand pit. Ariana and Avila spent some time in the mud kitchen and Cruiz and Harry joined in with a variety of activities.

We then transitioned into morning tea, in which we washed and dried our hands, collect our drink bottles and took a seat at the table. Our new menu started this week so for morning tea we had yoghurt, granola and bananas. As children fished their food they packed away and then found themselves an activity todo. The self select activities that the children chose were puzzles, animals and dramatic play. We had a lot of dramatic/role play happening this morning with just about everyone participating at it! The puzzles were completed by Colten, Harrison, Ariana and Avila with Bjorn, Lachlan, Myla, Madalyn, Ryan and Lincoln making the most of their imaginations.

Today we were lucky enough to have a show ! The show today was called Aboriginal Culture Story Pt1 – Origins of the rainbow serpent. We listened to the stories of how there were people before us on the land, who would pass on stories through generations by painting with sticks and mud. They would sing and dance and looked after the native animals of Australia. We sung a song about how although we look different we are the same, we are all one. Everyone filled with love, everyone is blessed to be able to call this land our Home. The children really enjoyed the stories and had so much fun when we got to get up and dance and make music with the sticks.

After the show was finished we headed outside to enjoy some sunshine, we had yoga happening for those children who wanted todo so, other wise we had children practicing their jumping abilities, and we had some practicing their balance and hand eye coordination as they walked across the ladder. For lunch today we had Authentic Italian Baked Ziti served with a salad bar, it was very tasty! A few children hesitant to try, but those who did absolutely loved it! We are now currently laying on our beds resting, refueling our bodies for the afternoon to come!

We hope you have a great afternoon and we look forward to seeing all our friends tomorrow.

From Miss Lara and Miss Tiffany