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Good Afternoon Pre Kindy Families 

Happy Monday, we hope you all had a great weekend! 

Welcome back to all of our friends who have been away for the school holidays, it is so good to see you. This morning we welcomed Colton, Ivy, Lincoln, Bjorn, Ryan, Lachlan, Myla, Cruiz, Romney and Harrison. 

As the morning started and our friends arrived we had the home corner in full use with all our friends from across all classes getting dressed in our new dress up outfits. Lincoln heading to his favorite cape which is decorated in Aboriginal markings. Colton and Ivy participate in lego building as they raced to see who could build the tallest tower. 

We then headed outside once the schoolies headed off to school. Colton and Luca went straight for the green dump trucks as they raced them around the playground full speed! Ivy headed to the mud kitchen where she was making crown pasta and vegetables. Bjorn, Ryan and Lachlan headed to the bike track and took turns on the orange scooters, whilst Cruiz and Romney were riding around on the bikes. Myla and Harrison spent some time with Miss Tiffany, they sat outside the classroom reading a selection of books as they got themselves ready for the day ahead. 

We then headed inside for morning tea and group time. Today’s group time saw us say our acknowledgement to land, followed by the days of the week and the weather. Today our weather bird was Cruiz who decided that today was a sunny day. Our group time learning was based around a conversation that Miss Tiffany had with Harrison where we were discussing his weekend learning about animals. So as a class we read a book about all the different animals and where they lived, if they were fast or slow. We all took turns sharing our favorite animals and decided that it would be really cool to have a class pet! (This is something for Miss Tiff and Miss Bek to look into). We then went into activities, with Bjorn, Ryan and Lachlan choosing to play with the dinosaurs in the jungle area, Harrison, Myla, Ivy, Colton and Lincoln all wanting to do some painting and Romney and Cruiz headed for the cars and spaceship. 

Our afternoon will see us enjoy lunch, take some time to rest and do quiet activities before having some afternoon tea and outdoor play. 

With love, 

Miss Tiff and Miss Bek