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Good Morning Pre-Kindy Families,

We hoped everyone had a fantastic weekend, were looking forward to the week ahead. It has been lovely to see all the faces who have not been in over the school holidays.

How nice was it this morning being able to take your little ones into the classroom? We know they all loved it. This morning we welcomed Harry, Myla, Romney, Bjorn, Ryan, Lincoln, Avila, Lachlan, Cruiz, Harrison and Colten. This morning saw Colten and Harry playing in the mud kitchen, as well as joining Cruiz and Romney in a game of tag. Harrison and Avila were building with the train tracks this morning, Bjorn, Ryan and Lachlan were all playing together.

After our morning outside we headed inside where we got ourselves ready for morning tea by washing and drying our hands. This morning we had porridge, yoghurt and fresh fruit.

We then went into group time where we start off reciting our >>>>>>>>>>>>>> as well as our days of the week song. All children are getting better at these which is so good to see. With Anzac day just around the corner we decided to start discussing around ANZAC and what it is and why we celebrate it every year, Miss Bek spoke about the soldiers from Australia and New Zealand and how they went off and defended our countries so that we could be here today. Miss Bek then played them a version of the Waltzing Matilda song which they all really enjoyed. We then learnt about another 2 planets in our quest to know everything there is to know about the Solar System. Today was Venus and Earth, the children were experts at earth! All pointing out the fact that we live on earth!

We then had self select activity time, children went off in partners to choose what they would like to do, we had some playing with the cars on our new matt, a few children were in the home corner playing with the dress up, and others were sitting at the tables doing puzzles. Whilst children were busy doing that Miss Tiffany would have 3 children at a time to do some painting, and today we all painted Venus and Earth to add to our display on the windows (Be sure to check it out when your next in).

Todays lunch was our yummy salad bar, bread and pumpkin soup which all tasted really good.

The afternoon will bring more outside play where we will be building on from last weeks Nature Play week.

Have a great afternoon and see you tomorrow,

From Miss Bek and Miss Tiffany