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Welcome to another glorious week at Kindy. This week we celebrate BOOK WEEK!

Senior Kindy and Pre Kindy combined today as we only had a few friends. The children all welcomed each other outside this morning and then ventured off together to explore around the yard . As it was a bit warmer today, we decided to enjoy some water play under the shade. Miss Donna brought out a big water trough and added blue dyed water and ocean animals. Hazel, Eva and Reid played a game of Mother’s and babies with the turtles and killer whales.

Hazel-“Num Num, Dolphin come with me”

Eva- Ähhh he’s eating me, aw baby you and me are floating”

Reid- “That’s a dolphin, I mean whale. Dolphins are not allowed to eat”

Mace and Marshall also enjoyed role playing in the water with the animals.

Marshall- I’ve got some teeth, I’m hungry”

Mace- “Shark! Num Num!”

Outside on another table we had coloured rice in a tub with different sized funnels, cups and large spoons for the children to explore with. They had lots of fun pouring the rice into the funnels and watching it come out the other end, it was very mesmerizing to watch.

Kerim- “Xavier do it like me”

Xavier- Then copied Kerim pouring the rice int the funnel

Ellie – Ellie enjoyed scooping up the rice with a spoon and pouring it into the small cup

Ellie Buckner- Enjoyed using the cone to scoop up the rice and watching it go through the hole

We had our sliding doors open for the children to freely chose to either play outside at the messy activities or inside with play dough at the tables or construction activities that were set out.

The playdough table was very popular as it had lots of fun tools and decoration to manipulate the dough with. Eva and Ellie made strawberry and chocolate lollipops. Kaylee said she was making a “Star” with the cookie cutters.

Before lunch we had a group time in the sandpit for a different scenery. Miss TJ read “Room on the Broom” which was chosen by Ellie this morning. The children enjoyed playing with the sand while we read through the story and answering some of Miss TJ’s questions.

Have a lovely weekend

Miss TJ and Miss Donna