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Hello everybody, and happy Monday! It was so lovely to be outdoors again today, after the poor air quality/bushfires of last week. We ensured that we spent lots of playtime in the sandpit/on the monkey bars, on the bikes and trikes, dancing to music in the large outdoor classroom, making cakes and drinks from wet sand in the outdoor kitchen area, and meeting up with friends inside the green tunnel.

After morning tea, the following play-based activities were available for the children to choose from and enjoy:

  • Easel painting with a variety of acrylic paints – Xavier, Ellie, Reid and Kerim were extremely proud of their artwork!
  • White clay with coloured stones, plastic scissors and matchsticks – Arlo and Theo really enjoyed cutting it into lots of small pieces, whilst Ellie made a birthday cake for Hazel. Hazel helped Ellie sing “Happy Birthday”
  • Playdough with cookie cutters and rolling pins – enjoyed by Oli, Charlotte, Kerim and Xavier

Eva and Oli have developed a really lovely friendship of late, where Eva is very nurturing and kind toward Oli. She makes him giggle a lot!

  • Nail and corkboard hammer construction with assorted wooden shapes – especially enjoyed by Braxton

Braxton also made a terrific construction earlier in the morning from an assortment of large wooden boxes and planks. Great engineering Braxton!

  • Conversational reading with Miss Steph, Xavier and Kerim, where Xavier read parts of a story to Miss Steph and helped her to turn the pages

Hazel, Eva, Xavier and Ellie were excellent helpers in the preparation of lunch, serving out plates to their friends, and assisting in cleaning up afterwards – fantastic teamwork!

Until tomorrow everyone, take care and enjoy your evening.  Lots of love, Miss Donna and Miss Livia xxx