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Hello and welcome to a brand new week.

Firstly, I’m sorry to hear Kerim wasn’t able to join us today. We hope all is well and we all miss you in your absence.

Today Miss Steph placed a new activity in the room without notifying the children wondering if any of the children would take notice. I was so glad that part way through activity time Xavier approached me on the mat carrying the tool kit like box containing the … He asked what it was and I replied that I was so glad that he had found it so that I could show all the children what it was. We all sat around the mysterious box coming up with ideas of what it might be. Eva said “Magic” Xavier said “Bouncing” ¬†Mace and Reid both said “Tools” Ellie said “Hatchimals” and Hazel said “Hide and seek”.

The children thoroughly enjoyed exploring and creating objects to use for play throughout the room. The most popular being a cubby house.

Thanks all for a wonderful day and we look forward to a brand new day tomorrow.

Miss Steph and Miss Shanaya