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Happy Monday 😊 Families and Friends – A warm welcome from Pre Kindy classroom!!!

What a beautiful learning and playful day around here today! We started the morning off by having a play in the playground with our friends from Kindergarten and Senior Kindy. As soon as the children got in the yard, they searched for their self-interest activities – Peddling on the kindy bikes, building with blocks, playing ninjas, swinging on the swing, and enjoying a relaxing time reading books. These were the most favourite experiences the kids done outside.

In the transitions for morning tea time Miss Gabi proposed a story time – Hendrix asked if we all could read “Clifford – The show and tell surprise”, And Rosie picked the book “Bluey – The beach”. All the children sat down on the mat and listened very carefully to both books!  😊 After our special stories it was time for our very yummy morning tea –  fruit salad and yogurt – later we had a little relaxation time to let the food set in their tummy’s before we all went off to do activities and free play again.

In our group time today, Miss Gabi decided to extend the children interest by having them trace their own names using dot by dot. Tracing has so many benefits when children mindfully trace, they improve their visual spiritual skills and their fine motor skills, which helps them later with both math and reading. Trace also can be an excellent tool to temporary teacher children about which lines curve and which are straight, which lines are at an angle and which are perfectly vertical. Once finishing these group experience the tracing activities was still settled in one of the activities. – Pre Kindergarten children cannot be more excited about the idea to trace their own names – and well-done friend!!! You guys have done it so well!!!

The children also enjoyed exploring and engaging with these activities: Play dough with natural objects – home corner – drawing – building blocks and much more!

We are planning to fill in this afternoon by enjoying the sunshine in the new playground area – where we will also have a picnic for afternoon tea and after that we will explore and play on the equipment that engages our friends in a happy and free play!!! 😊

Check out the photos!!!

With Love XX

Miss Gabi and Miss Shanaya