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Only 2 more sleeps till Santa comes Pre-kindy and that means unfortunately only 1 more day with our beautiful little class all together.

Today we made some beautiful angels that we all coloured in and put together ourselves, the children all loved to be creative and colour in their angels the colour`s they had chosen. We then folded them and put them together using sticky tape, to go on top of our christmas trees at home.

we also did some beautiful painting with a variety of bright colours and the foam paint stampers which the children loved.

Some other play based activities we did today were,

– Playing with our doll house.

– Using our new bright coloured textas on the mini whiteboards.

– Playing with bright yellow pladough and cookie cutters.

– Playing with the cars on our foam car track.

With only one more day of pre-kindy left for the year we would like to thank you all again for a wonderful year filled with many memories. We hope that you all have a magical Christmas and a Happy New year and that you all get to enjoy time with your families.

Love always Miss Donna and Miss Amanda xx