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Good Afternoon Pre-Kindy Families 😊

Happy Monday, we hope that everyone had a really great weekend and are looking forward to the week ahead.

This morning we welcomed Harry, Colton, Madalyn, Harrison, Bjorn, Lachlan, Ryan, Lincoln, Ariana, Avila, Romney and Cruiz. Ariana, Romney and Harrison were in the sandpit swinging on the money bars, trying to get all the way across. Lachlan, Bjorn, Ryan and Cruiz were running around with each other and were playing with the shovels in the sandpit. Colton spent time in the sandpit to, he was filling up a bucket with sand and would then climb on top of bridge and empty the bucket out “I am making a waterfall” he said to Miss Tiffany. Lincoln and Madalyn spent time with Miss Bek building all sorts of things, Lincoln made a camera and then went around taking photos of everyone.

We then transitioned into morning tea, we headed to the bathroom and washed and dried our hands, before sitting down with our drink bottles we placed our hats by our bags. For morning tea we had yogurt, granola, mango, apricots, banana and sultanas. Today’s self-select activities saw us play with puzzles, magnetic blocks, story time, home corner. Lincoln found himself some chopsticks from home corner and used our sensory bottles and turned them into drums, he was having such a good time making music! Madalyn was playing with the magnetic blocks, she made something and brought it over to Miss Tiffany saying, “I made this for you” Miss Tiffany then asked, “What is it?” Madalyn responded, “It’s your crazy hair”. Colton and Harry spent time with Miss Tiffany playing with the cars, they had races to see who could get the cars to go the furthest.

We then headed outside for a little while to have some play before lunch. Lunch today was lasagne served with a salad bar and a side of chicken. We then had rest and relax time, with a few of our friends sleeping and some not. Towards the end of rest time, we asked those who were awake what their favourite part of the day was;

Romney: “I had fun playing outside today”

Lachlan: “I enjoyed playing with the blue shovel and jumping down the mountain”

Lincoln: “I enjoyed playing with TREX dinosaur”

Madalyn: “I love to come to kindy with my fluffy blanket”

We hope you have an enjoyable afternoon, and we will see you al tomorrow.

Miss Bek and Miss Tiffany