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Welcome to Monday

Today was our first official day in our new Pre Kindy room with the new classes combined. We are so excited to combine the two classrooms as a lot of the children get along so well and have already built strong relationships. To start off our Monday we had a big outdoor play to enjoy the amazing Autumn weather. Our friends enjoyed free drawing on the picnic table, the jumbo counters game and riding around the hill on the bikes. The children gathered by our new water pump, taking turns at pulling the lever up and then down to pump water down the slide into the rock creek. There were a couple of play boats for the children to push around in the water. “That’s cold”, Tate said while dipping his feet into the puddle of water. A few friends copied Tate by dipping their feet into the water to feel between their toes.

Pre Kindy followed each other to the sand pit where they used some of the water pump water to wet the sand for easier material to build with. Clever thinking! We had lots of fun experimenting with the water, sand and bark around us, mixing the ingredients together to make ‘lunch’ and ‘cakes’. Rosie started a fun game of jumping off the rock bridge into the sandpit. Over the last week the children have been building up some confidence to jumping off the sand pit bridge. Today the children lined up and then walked up to their chosen height, jumping off into the soft sand. They were so proud of themselves and screamed with excitement wanting to have another turn. Another gross motor activity that the children involved themselves in was the monkey mars. Firstly, we practiced holding onto a bar with two hands for as long as we could and then had a go at reaching for another bar.

Coming inside for some quiet reading time always helps us to start relaxing our bodies and prepare for the next adventures. Harley chose as story for us to read through as a group called, ‘Protect Nature’ which was very fitting since we have been learning about taking care of our planet after Earth Day last week. While reading through the book the children shared their knowledge on how littering can harm our wildlife. We also learnt that to build homes, kindy’s and buildings, our trees and animals homes get destroyed. We can help by planting for plants and carefully moving the animals to a safer home before building.

We would love it if you could share some ways your family ‘Protect Nature’ whether that be by recycling, planting, throwing rubbish in the bin, saving water etc. (you could bring in some photos or send an email to [email protected]

Thank you to Emerson who shared with the class his finding on the beach over the weekend. Emerson collected a bag full of shells with his family. While sitting down for lunch, Emerson went around the class showing them his collection.

Hope everyone has had a lovely start to the week just like we have had in Pre Kindy.

Miss TJ x