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Hello Pre-Kindy families and carers – here we are at Monday once again. Today we had a few new play activities for the children to engage with. These included:

  • Squelchy, sticky assorted Dinosaurs and lizards – lots of fun for the children to squeeze, stretch and poke at
  • Assorted transport vehicles (including boats with wheels, garbage trucks, tractors and cars) for the children to drive around on the new car 2D mat – Theo and Arlo in particular had a good time playing with these; both boys making driving and siren sounds as they played together
  • In addition, Reid and Kerim were very busy in the sandpit making coffees out of a water/sand wheel – great imagination, with Reid momentarily blocking the hole whilst Kerim placed a cup underneath. When Reid let go, the coffee poured!
  • Yoga was very popular today, with everyone joining in really well
  • Charlotte, after great persistence for a few weeks, has mastered the monkey bars under the outdoor classroom – swinging solidly and strongly from bar to bar – a fantastic achievement Charlotte!
  • Today we had a new storybook – “There was an old lady who swallowed a star” – Xavier, Ellie and Hazel were very engrossed – especially when the old lady ate Santa Claus – thank goodness he was okay – the children were worried they may not get presents for Christmas! 😊
  • Ellie and Charlotte cooked up a fantastic feast today in kitchen corner for the baby dolls and teddies – great teamwork girls
  • Eva and Oli had lots of fun making funny people with playdough and body accessories – some had three eyes and six feet

Have a great evening everyone! Love, Miss Donna and Miss Amanda xxx