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Good afternoon to all our families. What a fun day we’ve had today. Our morning activities included building with the large Lego blocks. Eva & Reid created a huge castle that they proudly showed to all their friends. We used the play dough to make shapes with our cookie cutters as well as make abstract art forms and dinosaur eggs. Collage was also on offer with items to create our very own ladybugs, after which we listened to a story called The Very Grumpy Ladybug. Outdoors we floated boats around a trough of coloured water, swirling the water to creates waves and bubbles. Everyone enjoyed this activity. Other activities we enjoyed were cork board construction, home corner role play, reading our books and singing songs. We’ve had a lovely day and look forward to seeing you all tomorrow… love from Miss Donna & Miss Lyn. 😊💕💕😊