Welcome to Monday here in the Pre Kindy Room with Miss TJ and Miss Lyn!  We hope you all enjoyed a lovely day yesterday celebrating FATHER’S DAY with your families!  😊

The children began their day outside this morning combined with the other rooms and educators to self-select toys and activities to practice their physical skills and development.  Our choices included –

  •  Bikes.
  • The hill.
  • Swing net.
  • Scramble climbing toy.
  • Pencil drawings.
  • Animals on the table.
  • Book area.

We then headed inside for some morning tea consisting of some yummy yoghurt, bananas and muesli before heading back outside for some planned activities too.  The children went happily with Miss Kate to practice our 5 senses in the garden looking, smelling, touching, tasting and hearing the different herbs, plants, worms and flowers.  A favourite was using the magnifying glasses to see the strawberries turning red and smelling the lavender.  😊 Miss Lyn had lots of interest at the bubble blowing creative experience to practice the children’s fine motor skills and coordination development. 😊

Miss Haylee from YOGA was here to give us a lovely relaxing yoga class as we practice our mindfulness and peaceful skills.

Miss Lyn read us a couple of stories on the mat which all of the children demonstrated great listening skills and concentration spans.  😊

Lunch soon rolled around and rest time to recharge our bodies for lots of outdoor play this afternoon. 😊

Thanks for a wonderful start to the week Pre Kindy –

Miss TJ, Miss Lyn and Miss Kate.  XXX