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A very good afternoon to everyone, so good to see everyone back after our week of lock down! Parents, we hope you survived your week with the children at home. 

This morning we welcomed Colton, Ivy, Bjorn, Myla, Cruiz, Harrison, Romney, Madalyn, Ariana,  

This morning we began our morning inside as we waited for the friend of Pre-Kindy and Senior Kindy to arrive. Colton and Ivy joined us first and with the activities laid out on the table they both headed to the elastic bands and boards. Colton continuing his love for rainbows created a rainbow design whilst Ivy created lines of purple and pink. Myla then joined us and sat with Ivy and Colton to create her own elastic piece of art, she also had the help of Miss Tiffany.  We then welcomed Cruiz and Ariana who both headed for home corner. We have some new hand puppets so they both put one on and involved themselves in some creative play. 

Once the school children left for school we then headed outside where we were joined by the rest of our friends, Harrison, Bjorn, Romney and Madalyn.

Ariana and Harrison saw that the tree house had been set up with a “really cool obstacle course” in Ariana’s words, so they asked Miss Tiffany to join them. We headed up and could see a variety of colour dots, stepping platforms and bridges they both looked excited to play. As we began to play Colton, Ivy and Myla joined us. As we hopped and jumped to each dot practicing our balance we also learnt the ability of our strength and how we can power ourselves forward with the use of arms. 

Cruiz and Colton headed for the shed to source out the green trucks so they could race them around the grass hill, Ivy put herself in the traffic light position and she would say red light, green light indicating for them to go and stop. Bjorn and Romney were out in front of the classroom playing with the big lego pieces. Bjorn built a dinosaur and Romney built a tower to guard the dinosaur and keep it safe. 

Myla and Madalyn spent their morning in the mud kitchen, Myla playing the mum and Madalyn the baby, Myla was making dinner for her baby and getting her ready for bed.  We then transitioned inside for some morning tea. 

After morning tea we had group time; We started off with our Acknowledgement to Country. Our friends helped with the actions to “Here is the land, here is the sky, here are my friends and here am I”. We then did our days of the week and the weather report. We spoke about the ending of the Olympics and the children shared amongst themselves their favourite event to watch.

Our intentional teaching was based around a sensory science/food experience. Miss Tiff brought in chickpea juice which when mixed with cream of tartar and food colouring created a bright coloured foam. Harrison and Bjorn got to choose the colours of the foam with Harrison choosing blue and Bjorn choosing green. Miss Tiff added all the ingredients in a bowl and with an electric mixer began to mix the chickpea juice, as it started to mix and the colour started to come through and expand and the kids went crazy with excitement as if a magic trick had just occurred. 

Along with our foam we had colour spaghetti, we took it all outside and the children rolled their sleeves up and got in there. Romney, Bjorn and Harrison truly enjoyed the experience as they were the first in and last out. Romney went inside to collect some dinosaurs and added them into the foam, this prompting Myla and Colton to also go and find an animal to dive into the foam. Naturally we had to get the spaghetti and mix it in with the foam, by the end of it we had everything all mixed in and all colours going everywhere. We had coloured hands along with smiles on our faces! When asked at lunch if they enjoyed themselves the enthusiastic response was a YES!!!

Once we finished up with the activity the students then went about their business and headed in all directions of the yards to follow their interest. Ivy and Harrison spent some time inside playing in the home corner, Harrison was playing hairdresser and cutting and styling Ivy hair. Colton, Bjorn and Romney had some cars outside and were having races with another. Myla and Madalyn headed back to the mud kitchen to continue their game from the morning and Cruiz and Ariana were taking turns on the monkey bars. 

We then headed inside, by washing our hands and enjoyed some yummy lunch

Todays Meals; 

Blueberry and quinoa slice served with banana

Mac and Cheese served with a salad bar

Fruit Kebabs served with chocolate sauce.


With Love, Miss Tiff and Miss T’arn xo