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Welcome to our Monday in Pre Kindy & Senior Kindergarten. What a gloriously sunny day. While we were exploring our playground this morning Braxton found a moth, & was fascinated by the pattern on its wings. Miss Jess  moved it onto a stick for everyone to see, before releasing it over the fence. Ellie, Eva & their friend Layla enjoyed a friendly game of Domino Match on the verandah, while Marshall & Reid enjoyed the sandpit & the tunnel. Our fun activities continued once we were indoors for the morning… Miss TJ read a felt board story to us about Goldilocks & the three bears & taught us a new song called “ I Caught A Baby Bumble Bee” … then Hazel, Kerim, & Myah chose to use the play dough to create all different shapes & animals.. Myah had great fun pressing the play dough flat with her tummy. She then exclaimed excitedly “ Look I made a butterfly “ after revealing the pattern left in the play dough by her dress. 🦋🦋 Kerim told us he was making “a giant turtle” .. Arlo, Xavier & Ellie (From Senior Kindergarten) used the loose ends tray to construct various things, When Ellie was asked what she had made, she told Miss Lyn “ I’ve made a big mess” 😊😊 Our other interests today included – The Doll House – Role Play In Home Area – Trying to copy our names with pencils & drawing pictures – Choosing our own books to read from the bookshelf. We look forward to see you all again tomorrow for another fun day  .. love from Miss Lyn & Miss TJ (Miss Donna is away today)