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Hello families. I hope you are all faring well on this sunny Thursday. Here in the Pre-Kindy room got together with our Senior Kindy friends and had lots of outdoor play time to soak up and enjoy the milder Autumn weather.

This morning at group time we read a story entitled “I feel loved”. On one of the pages, they described love as feeling like being on a cloud made from cotton wool. Some of the children were curious about this and wondered if clouds really ARE cotton wool. Miss Donna gathered some cotton wool balls from the craft room and we all had one each to feel and pull apart. We then held up our cotton balls to compare them to the clouds in the sky and were very surprised to see that clouds actually do look the same!

Keeping on with our cotton ball theme, we then placed them all in the centre of a round parachute and pretended that we were popping popcorn. We all took hold of one of the parachute’s black handles as we sat around in a circle. The look of delight on everyone’s face was priceless as we made our parachute move quickly up and down…. our cotton ball ‘popcorn’ started bouncing very high indeed! Colton and Latika LOVED this game – such big smiles!

Today we also acknowledged “Purple Day” which is a national day to raise awareness of people living with Epilepsy. We talked a little about brain function (as earlier this week we looked at what a brain does, neurons and skulls), and how Epilepsy can affect people.  We then created paper bag collages using a variety of purple coloured glue, purple coloured felt pieces and purple crepe paper to acknowledge this special day.

An intentional teaching activity such as this aligns with Learning Outcome 2.1 of the Early years Learning Framework, whereby children develop a sense of belonging to groups and communities and an understanding of the reciprocal rights and responsibilities necessary for active community participation.

We also had a great time today taking part in sack jumping races. Ollie proved to be very lithe and quick off the mark. Maia and Ivy also had a ball as well and did their best to keep up with Ollie! Zander and Latika also made some might fine attempts. Lots of laughs and giggles all round.

Latika, Hendrix, Colton and Connor from Senior Kindy had lots of waterplay fun today, where they carefully and gently bathed the baby dolls and washed a lot of pots, pans and plates. Good work everyone!

Asher and Zander were very focussed on manipulating and piecing together the Connecta blocks to build Ninjas and robots – great imagination and creativity today boys!

It was such a lovely day today. We can’t wait to see you all tomorrow, and hope that you all have a beautiful night with your loved ones. Love Miss Donna and Miss TJ XX