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Good Afternoon Pre-Kindy Families 🙂

Guess what??? I am back (Miss Tiffany) and I have enjoyed seeing all the amazing children who are here today! All of the children have been so warm and welcoming upon my return and oh my how they have grown in over 2 weeks, it is such a cool thing to see.

This morning started off a little on the cold side which meant we waited for the sun to come up and over the play yard before heading outside. We spent time in Kindy 2 classroom playing with puzzles, we created master pieces with coloring and cutting paper where we had educators working with the children on the correct way to hold scissors. It then warmed up enough for us to head outside, which saw us all run out with joy to find something to play with. Harry, Ivy and Cohen spent time running up ramps to then jump off and preform a cool trick. Bjorn and Lachlan found some balls to which they were throwing them around and at each other with much enjoyment.

We then saw ourselves transition inside for morning tea and self-select activities. Morning tea saw us take some time to sit and relax whilst we fueled our bodies with food and water. The morning activities selected by the children were drawing, reading, playing with a really big rocket ship and building puzzles. We broke into two groups today whilst some stayed inside the other group headed outside for some martial arts, we then switched over. The teacher initiated experience was based around the cold of the morning, Miss Bek set up a campfire and we had cotton wool on sticks to simulate roasting marshmallows, the children all crowded around to take turns at roasting their marshmallow. The children then headed outside for some outdoor time.

Lunch today we had deconstructed sushi bowl, served with salmon and tofu along with a salad bar. The children all eating well before heading off on their bed for some R&R (rest and recovery).

It has been such a great Thursday! I have loved being back and seeing the all the children again, we are also lucky enough to welcome Finley, Grace and Ella who are transitioning from Senior Kindy into our classroom.

We look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow for the last day of Kindy!

Miss Bek and Miss Tiffany

Unfortunately we are still unable to attach the photos from today, please check the daily program for these.