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Good Afternoon families and friends, 

Miss Tiffany here posting my first blog for our amazing Pre-Kindy room. Miss Bek has been away today, so we had Miss Dom join us today. 

The morning saw us break into groups and play and experience a mixture of things, Harper, Ivy, Charlotte, Avila, Vaughan and Skylah were playing with our new dress-up items in our dramatic play area. Vaughan was a prince, Harper played a pilot, Skylah was the doctor taking care of Charlotte and Avila. 

Colton and Harry were playing with Miss Tiffany in the construction zone where we were playing with the domino pieces, putting blocks on our fingers to make claws as well as building really high towers. Following on from this we got ourselves ready for morning tea, where we all sat at the tables eating our yummy Blueberry Quinoa Breakfast Bar. 

Once morning tea was finished it was raining so Miss Tiffany and Miss Dom did some exciting music play with everyone, we played freeze, we then went on a bear hunt, through the river, over the bridge into the cave where the big bear scared us all away! After the bear hunt we all did a bit of fitness where we were practicing our star jumps, touching the ground and then reaching for the sky! 

We then had a yummy lunch followed by rest time, where half of our friends slept and half had active rest time laying on their beds.  The afternoon saw us having a picnic outside where Miss Dom talked to the children about the fruit and seed they were eating and encouraged all to try different combinations of foods together. 

Our photos for the day are not wanting to upload, we have IT looking into this issues, our sincerest apologies. 

We look forward to seeing you all tomorrow, 

Regards, Miss Tiffany and Miss Dom