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Good Afternoon Pre-Kindy Families 😊

Happy Thursday and welcome to today’s blog. Miss Bek and Miss Tiffany were in a meeting this morning, so we do apologies for the short blog and limited photos as Miss Tiffany forget to leave the camera with the educators in the classroom.

This morning we welcome to Kindy; Harry, Harrison, Colton, Delila, Vaughn, Cohen, Ivy, Lincoln, Sayde, Harper, Latika, Bjorn, Ariana, Charlotte, Conall, Aleksandar, Myla, Everlea, Lachlan and Avila.

Upon our return into the classroom, we got ourselves ready to head outside for some outdoor play before lunch, we all helped tidy up and then found our hats and headed outdoors. As Miss Tiffany headed outside, she was summoned by Delila, Colton and Harry who pulled her towards the fence at the back of a  the playground where there seemed to be a commotion of some sorts when asked what was going on they responded; Delila “ It is so big, and so noisy, look at it picking stuff up” Harry “It is scooping from the ground and putting it in there (pointing to a truck) Colton “Its picking all the dirt up, its cleaning” Miss Tiffany then asked what the machine was out comes Cohen who says loud and proud “that’s an excavator”. All the children from all classrooms were mesmerised by the excavator doing its thing.

In the sand pit Harrison, Latika and Ivy were playing with each other, Harrison seemed to be in the roll of teacher, talking through how to make cupcakes and Latika listened and looked with such interest. Ivy was in charge of getting cooking ingredients, as she returned both Harrison and Latika looked up and took the “sprinkles” from Ivy.

Myla and Everlea spent their outdoor time exploring the grass hill, as they would run up and down, through the tunnel laughing as they took turns chasing each other. Harper, Ariana, Charlotte, Lincoln, Conall and Avila spent time in the tree house going around the obstacle course set up. Miss Tiffany headed up to watch them all play as she took a seat Aleksandar came and sat with her and told her all about his week away from Kindy. Bjorn, and Lachlan spent their time building and connecting blocks.

We then headed in for lunch, the children really enjoyed today lunch we had Mexican Black Bean Tortilla wraps served with guacamole and a salad bar. Afternoon tea will see us have Fresh Fruit Kebabs and white chocolate dipping sauce.

We will then head outside to enjoy the sun and await our afternoon pick ups when children will embrace you with the best kind of hugs 😊