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Hello everybody, and welcome to terrific Thursday! It has been a very busy and productive day for Pre-Kindy today. We welcomed the opportunity to play outside this morning, with Eva, Amayah, Charlotte and Indi being very busy in the sandpit, making sand cookies and stew, and swinging on the monkey bars. Marshall was also lucky enough to have a lady beetle land on him today. He was so excited!

Following on from our morning tea, the following play-based activities were available for the children to enjoy and choose from:

  • Easel painting with a variety of watercolours and fine brushes (especially enjoyed by Mariah, Myah, Ellie, Reid, Mace, Braxton, Amayah, Marshall, Ellie and Lilly today)
  • Hexagonal sand trough with large rubber dinosaurs, stones and bark – this was enjoyed by all the children at one stage or another – great to see so much imaginary play and language development occurring!
  • Playdough with plastic scissors and rolling pins – Xavier made lots of dinosaur eggs
  • Playing with/running our fingers and hands through shaving foam sprayed onto a perspex stand (lots of tactile, sensory fun!)
  • Cutting out pictures of food from shopping brochures and gluing them onto paper plates – Coen said he liked sausages, and Indi and Ellie said they liked chips!
  • Wooden construction with lots of nuts and bolts – great for enhancing children’s hand/eye coordination, and strengthening finger and hand muscles
  • Large Lego construction – Coen, Marshall and Genevieve made some fantastic towers together – it was great to see so much cooperative, sharing play
  • Soft foam block construction – Reid and Lilly appeared to really enjoy putting together circle halves and matching colours

We also had our Arakan self-defence class, and enjoyed lots of music and movement during group time- it was a great way to release our wiggles!

Until tomorrow Pre-Kindy families, take care and enjoy your evening! Much love, Miss Donna and Miss Amanda x