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Welcome to our fun Thursday in Pre Kindy. We started our day with outdoor play, bike riding, hill climbing, pencil drawing – our self portrait, plus an impromptu dance party. It is such a lovely day today, that once we’d had our morning tea, we utilised the undercover area of our verandah and had indoor outdoor activities. Our outdoor activities included our dinosaur sand trough/ park, where some of the dinosaurs had fights & crashed into the bridges & trees. “Watch out” Xavier as his T. rex crashed over the bridge. 🦖🦕🦖 –  Ellie & Genevieve took an interest in the cork boards, hammering the pins into them & making patterns. –  All the children enjoyed our sensory activity, using shave foam which they swirled around & across the paint easel. Marshall & Reid in particular enjoyed painting Miss Donna & Miss Lyn’s faces with foam 🎨😊😊 When I asked Coen if he liked the feeling of the foam, he replied “Yeah, it’s brilliant” – We also had our weekly Martial Arts lesson with Mr Daniel. Our indoor activities consisted of clay moulding, using loose parts, shells, paddle pop sticks, pasta and stones … some very interesting creations were made. Eva said the clay was very hard & not like play dough, Kerim turned his piece of clay into a sculpture using sticks, shells, paddle pop sticks & the hammer, while Mace told me he was making holes in his clay with shells.   – Water colour painting was again a huge hit with Dylan & Mariah. We also enjoyed listening to the book Green Eggs & Ham … Reid said Green eggs would be yucky! This afternoon we will be talking about finding dinosaurs in ice & will be rescuing some frozen dinosaurs of our own.🦕🦖🦕 Have a lovely evening & we look forward to seeing you again tomorrow… love from Miss Lyn & Miss Donna. 😊💕💕😊