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Good afternoon to all our Pre-Kindy families, and welcome to “tons-of-fun” Thursday. It was very wet for a large portion of today, but that did not deter our friends from having fun! We thoroughly enjoyed opportunities to take part in our weekly Arakan self-defence class, Yoga breathing/poses and stretches with Miss Jade, group story time (told by Miss Livia) with a book about manners and saying “please”, and lots of group actions songs and games with Miss Donna – the “Wheels on the Bus” was a key favourite today. We lined up our wooden seats and sat upon them as though it was a real bus.

In addition, we enjoyed the following play-based experiences:

– Fly swat painting: this was a real hit with the children today – it was so much fun using their large arm muscles to bash the paint covered fly swat up and down on a piece of A3 paper to produce an array of patterns

– Creating beautiful collages using coloured glue, fine paintbrushes and an assortment of coloured paper and felt

– Playing with dinosaurs in a small sand trough

– Using blue and red stamp pad ink and a variety of different transport stamps

– Practising our keyboarding skills and making “notes” on small notepads

Children’s choices today included:

– Playing in kitchen corner with the new sink and dish washing apparatus

– Shape matching on pattern/object boards

– Playdough with a variety of rolling/pummelling equipment

We hope you enjoy the photographs today. We also hope that today’s rain reaches some of the areas that desperately need it. Much love, Miss Donna and Miss Livia xx