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Ahoy Pre Kindy Families and welcome to Thursday!

Today we welcomed Miss Bek back 😊 We have missed her.

This morning we welcomed Harry, Colton, Bjorn, Lachlan, Sayde, Lincoln, Ariana, Charlotte, Ivy, Delila, Myla, Everlea, Avila, Aleksandar, Vaughn, Grace, Finley, Ella and Billy. It was a crazy morning out in the yard today as so many friends arrived and we so excited to see their friends. Ariana, Charlotte, Avila and Alex were doing some morning role play, in which Charlotte was the patient and the others were her doctors, they gave Charlotte a full work up and the cleared her healthy! As they then all ran the the monkey bars with the biggest giggles. Sayde and Lincoln were playing a game of tag whilst Harry, Delila, Myla and Everlea were in the mud digging. They came across a worm to which Harry then picked it up and took it for a walk. Ivy and Vaughn spent time in the mud kitchen whilst Grace, Ella and Finley spent time on the bikes.

Transitioning in for morning tea we rounded up the troops and headed inside to wash our hands. We then took our seats and enjoyed morning tea. We then participated in group time where we said our acknowledgement to the land and sung our good morning song. Miss Bek the engaged in discussion with the children about the fire truck visit as she was not here! It was really cool to see the memory and the children’s ability to recap and relay the information. We then had half the class head outside for martial arts and then other half stayed inside where they participated in self-select activities.

Bjorn, Lachlan, Finley, Delila and Grace spent some time with Miss Bek building puzzles. Ariana and Avila headed to home corner to engage in role play. Myla, Alex, Billy and Harry all headed to the construction and transport corner and had fun building and playing there.

For lunch today we had Brown rice, tofu, roasted vegetables served with a salad bar. Today our salad bar consisted of avocado, peas, corn, beans, beetroot, cucumber and carrot. The children love Thursday lunch they always seem to eat plenty.

This afternoon will see us head outside for some fun games and activities as we wait to see our families at pick up time.

Miss Bek and Miss Tiffany

**Photos could not be uploaded so please see them printed in the classroom