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Welcome to Thursday’s Blog 😊

What a wonderful Thursday Pre Kindergarten have had today. We checked the weather and it said that rain was forecast for the afternoon so we decided to spend the morning outside to enjoy every bit of sunshine. A few friends were having fun experimenting with the bark, sand, leaves and materials around them over by the kitchen. Marlie ran over to Miss TJ to show her and her friends the huge spider on the spider web from the fence to the tree above us. Great spotting Marlie! We brought out a new tracing activity sheet since the children are loving them each day. We are getting so good at our pencil control. This morning Ellie was taking great care of her friend Ivy who had bumped her knee on the bike. Ellie took initiative to grab a damp cloth to gently wipe on Ivy’s sore. We extended off this experience by bringing out the doctor’s kit for the two girls and their friends to continue role playing doctors and patients. We also pulled out the construction worker kit for the children to build and work on the cubby house. We made sure that we wore protective gear when dealing with the tools.

Miss Livia worked with the children to find the recycle symbol on items such as strawberry containers, yogurt containers, milk bottles and egg cartons. The children were also encouraged to learn what items go into the recycling bin and the garbage bin using the pictures displayed. We are becoming so good at our sorting! Pre-Kindergarten also enjoyed doing the obstacle course!

Once we came inside, we had some quiet reading time on the group mat. Miss TJ and Miss Livia observed Ellie reading ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’ story to her friends. She had their full attention and was amazing at remembering the story and even putting on higher and lower voices for each character. Miss TJ then extended on the story by telling the story of ‘The Three Billy Whales gruff’ using whales and seal toys as the troll who lives under the bridge. Miss TJ set out an under water theme for the story and the children sat engaged in a circle. They loved it!

Drive safely in the rain this afternoon and we hope you have all had a lovely day 😊

Miss TJ and Miss Livia xx