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Good afternoon to all our Pre-Kindy families! We have had a very full day today – quite apart from an array of indoor and outdoor play-based experiences throughout the day, this morning we watched and participated in “Ditto’s Safe Adventure Show” (with contained some very clear, and developmentally appropriate keep safe messages/strategies) which was followed by professional photographs being taken of the children, and Arakan self-defence classes with Mr Daniel. We hope you enjoy the following photographs of your children/grandchildren, and the rest of your day.

Just a note for children who attend next Monday 23rd September – here in the Pre-Kindy room we will be celebrating International Tea Party Day…an opportunity to celebrate children’s play and imagination around the world. Children are welcome to wear their favourite fairy or wizard outfit. We will be having a tea party with fairy cakes! We may also find a few fairies hiding in our room too – not to mention magic fairy kingdoms!

Until tomorrow, stay safe, and enjoy your evening.

Much love,

Miss Donna and Miss Lyn xxxx