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Welcome to our fun Thursday in Pre Kindy. There was lots of excitement this morning, as some of our friends who weren’t with us yesterday discovered the new swings under our outdoor classroom… thank you Mr Peter for putting them up for us. There was lots of laughter & squeals of delight as everyone had a turn swinging on them. Genevieve, Dylan & Braxton also found the fishing game a fun way to count the fish as they caught then & put them into a basket. Then, at group time  Miss Donna read the story book ‘ Arnold The Prickly Teddy’ about a little boy who befriends a teddy. Having our hands sprayed with watercolour was so much fun, & we watched with amazement the outline our hand had made as we lifted it off the paper. Other a activities enjoyed today were * Baby Doll role play, changing nappies, feeding & rocking our babies to sleep * Cooking in home corner kitchen * Sponge painting * Arakan Martial Arts with Mr Daniel * Loose parts play with the play dough * Moving sand across the sandpit in our large dump trucks & Tossing & counting the bean bags. We will see you all tomorrow for another day filled with fun, laughter & friendship … Love from Miss Donna * Miss Lyn 😊💕💕😊