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Good Afternoon Pre-Kindy Families

Happy Thursday 😊

Information Thursday: Consistent routines, activities that happen at about the same time and in about the same way each day, provide comfort and a sense of safety to young children. Whether it is time to play, time for a snack, a nap, or a loved one to return, knowing what will happen next gives babies and toddlers security and emotional stability. It helps them learn to trust that caring adults will provide what they need. When children feel this sense of trust and safety, they are free to do their “work,” which is to play, explore, and learn.

Therefore we have our day set out the way we do, so we can help foster the development of our friends. So, like every morning we welcomed our friends into the yard, when they get to explore their interest and welcome their friends as we all slowly come together as a class. Today we had 18 friends join us here at Kindy, we welcomed: Harper, Ariana, Myla, Everlea, Delila, Ivy, Latika, Vaughn, Colton, Harry, Romney, Lincoln, Sayde, Billy, Conall, Cohen, Lachlan and Bjorn. We then transitioned into morning tea by coming in to wash and dry our hands before finding a seat at the table. For morning tea this morning, we had French toast served with fresh fruit! All children loving this there was not any left for seconds!

Following on from morning tea we had Martial Arts as we do every Thursday, so the class split into 2 groups, half heading outside with Miss Bek and the second half stayed inside with Miss Tiffany. Our friends inside had self-select activities with Colton and Vaughn playing with the cars and dinosaur, Colton was parking the cars up and Vaughn came in with the dinosaur and attacked the cars, so natural Colton had to defend his cars, next thing you know it is a battle Dinosaur vs Cars, who won??? Lachlan and Bjorn were playing with the animals, playing out whole scenes of what seemed to be a Jurassic Park montage. Harper and Cohen spent time in the calm corner, with Harper insisting she was a Queen perched on her throne. Cohen and Delila were hiding from the bad guys, buried in the pillows and when Miss Tiffany came over to hid with them it turned into a lets us Miss Tiffany as a jungle gym and climb all over her. Ariana, Romney, Billy, Conall and Ivy spent time with Miss Tiffany playing dominos, building walls and knocking them down as well as matching the dots on them.

We then headed outside for play whilst we waited for our yummy lunch to arrive. Today we had tortilla wraps with Mexican black bean and a salad bar, after finishing lunch everyone packed away went to the toilet and then headed to the bed for rest time. This afternoon will see us have afternoon tea and then outside play!

We hope everyone has an enjoyable afternoon and we will see you all tomorrow 😊

Miss Bek and Miss Tiffany