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Good afternoon everyone, and welcome to Thursday! This morning we had some fun play experiences outside, including dancing to music, playing musical instruments, and riding bikes. After morning tea, we engaged with the following play-based opportunities:

  • Hospital role play – back by popular demand after yesterday! The children LOVED peeling open the bandaids and applying them to the dolls and teddies – especially Mace, Henry, Ellie and Myah. Indi, Coen, Eva, Henry and Ellie also enjoyed being doctors; trying to find their friend’s heartbeats with the stethoscopes
  • Building/constructing and screwing wooden nuts and bolts onto pieces of wood – this is a great activity for extending children’s persistence, for enhancing fine-motor and hand-eye coordination skills, and for using their engineering minds – very popular with Braxton, Mariah, Charlotte, Xavier and Coen today
  • Collage with assorted paper circles and squares, pieces of scrunchy white shredded paper, PVC glue and fine paintbrushes – Eva, Oli, Genevieve, Coen, Mariah, Indi and Ellie made some fabulous and distinctive creations!
  • Playdough with plastic baubles on sticks – Marshall, Mace and Reid made some very interesting volcanos, whilst Mariah made a snowman
  • Plastic shapes/matching onto cardboard designs – great concentration Charlotte and Oli!
  • We also enjoyed our weekly Arakan class in the large outdoor classroom – great work Genevieve, Eva and Braxton for correctly using /distinguishing between your left and right arms in your self defence moves

We also had lots of fun at group time with memory games (what is missing?) – great recall Coen, Marshall and Reid especially! In addition, our story today, “Little White Dogs Can’t Jump” was met with lots of interest, laughter and verbal participation from many of our Pre-Kindy friends.

Until tomorrow, take care. Miss Donna and Miss Amanda XX