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Hello everyone…yet another glorious day here today. So many children have really taken to dressing up for National Book Week in lots of colourful costumes…such a wonderful sight to see. When Mariah put a dress on, she exclaimed, “This is beautiful!

This morning the children took part in drawing outside with crayons. Lilly drew a very involved picture of the sky, water, sand and sun. She explained that this was a picture of when she went to the beach with mum. This inspired Genevieve, Dylan, Kerim and Mariah to also draw big coloured suns. Genevieve and Dylan named all the different coloured crayons they were using.

Braxton, Reid, Coen, Mace and Reid really enjoyed playing with the coloured rice on the outdoor verandah with lots of pouring, stirring and scooping, accompanied by Miss Lyn.

During inside morning activities the children enjoyed a variety of play-based learning experiences, including playdough, creating “loose parts” images on feltboards – Coen especially enjoyed this. We also did lots of painting with fine paintbrushes and acrylic paints, played in home corner with the baby dolls, baby bottles and cooking stove, and also enjoyed stamping with coloured stamp pads and transport vehicles. Playdough with scissors, rolling pins and “gemstones” was also a big favourite, as was refining our pencil grip whilst drawing with textas on paper.

Today Miss Nikki shared a story about pollution and waste “(“The Messy Magpie”) with the children to acknowledge “Keep Australia Beautiful Week, and the ways in which we can all help to keep our environment clean, such as picking up rubbish, recycling etc. In addition, the children were quite captivated by a short, online read-aloud story entitled “The very hungry caterpillar”…a real favourite!

Arakan self-defence classes also were a hit today, though a tad challenging for some of our Book Week characters with longer dresses…but they managed quite well regardless 🙂

Just a reminder that tomorrow is Daffodil Day. For children attending, it would be great if they could wear something yellow, and provide a cold coin donation to help fund cancer research.

Until then, take care everyone!

Love Miss Donna and Miss Lyn xxx