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Hello everyone, and welcome to Thursday.

During the early morning outside playtime we played with a small aquarium filled with sea creatures, engaged in imaginary play with dinosaurs, and had lots of fun on the big swing, as well as lots more practice on the monkey bars underneath the outside classroom. We are all getting much better at waiting, lining up and taking turns whilst we wait at the monkey bars.

In addition, we also took part in one of our favourite pastimes – Arakan self-defence classes with Mr Daniel.

During mid-morning activities, the following play-based experiences were available:

  • Creating Ranjoli/Diwali patterns on paper plates with coloured geometrical paper collage pieces, PVC glue and paintbrushes. Reid in particular was very proud of his, spending a good 40 minutes at the activity
  • Cork boards, wooden hammers, nails and wooden shapes (especially enjoyed by Mace and Kerim today)
  • Painting at the easel using recycled plastic bottles (painting with the bases of the bottles). The children all made very different designs. Myah, Genevieve, Henry and Dylan for example chose to use the bottom of the bottles as a stamping medium to create circles, whereas Indi and Mariah used theirs to create abstract artwork in a variety of mixed colours
  • Bathing baby dolls on the outside verandah – enjoyed by everyone at one stage or another
  • New storybooks – “Spotty Sam” and “Little Arabella Miller” which all the children really enjoyed – especially when there was a great big caterpillar that turned into a beautiful butterfly: we really love insects and bugs in the Pre-Kindy room!
  • Coloured rice play with funnels, scoops and cups
  • Drawing with textas (especially enjoyed by Mariah, Ellie and Eva)

We hope you enjoy the photos of your child’s day. Until tomorrow, please enjoy your evening, and take care.

Much love, Miss Donna and Miss Tania xxx