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Hello to all our Pre-Kindy families and carers. Today we enjoyed a variety of indoor and outdoor activities. This morning in the outside space, we practised throwing balls through hoops. Well done Henry on getting a ball through two hoops at once! …and well done Lilly and Mariah on not giving up, and persisting until you both could get the ball through the hoops with ease.

Arakan Martial Arts class was enjoyed by all the children today – Dylan and Lilly are really becoming more confident and participating in the fun games and physical fitness activities devised by Mr Daniel. Currently, we are all learning to differentiate between our left and right arm when following instructions and practising our self-defence block maneuveres. Xavier is quite adept at distinguishing between his left and right arm at this stage.

In addition, whilst outside in the sandpit area, Miss Donna assisted the children in gaining mastery of the monkey frame, where one must rely on using their upper body strength/coordination to swing from bar to bar. Reid and Marshall were able to complete this without assistance…and well done to everyone else as well!

During indoor activity time we learnt a new song entitled “Wash your face with orange juice”, which the children thought was hilarious. They all soon got the hang of the silly/funny actions and the words.

Other activities enjoyed today included:

– Meccano construction with nuts and bolts (great for refining fine-motor skills/hand and finger dexterity)

– Small wooden block building (enjoyed in particular by Braxton and Charlotte)

– Playdough with loose wooden parts

– A great, three part pictorial sequencing game..Xavier was able to correctly place the dog feeding cards in order, and had a good chat about how he feeds his dog at home. After a few attempts, Lilly also became quite proficient at placing different cards in correct sequential order

Having a “spot of English tea” was popular with Ellie, Mace and Xavier, whilst Mariah, Genevieve, Henry, Eva and Dylan enjoyed making pictures on corkboards (with nails, wooden pieces and hammers) and painting at the easel.

Phew, yet another day has almost flown by!

Until tomorrow, take care everyone.

Love Miss Lyn and Miss Donna 🙂