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Hello everyone, and welcome to terrific Thursday! We have had lots of Christmas art and craft today, including:

  • Making Christmas trees with green paper, glitter, pom poms and cut up straws – great concentration Mace, Kerim, Lilly, India, Genevieve, Ellie and Coen – your trees look beautiful!
  • Painting/decorating pine cones with green and red paint, and gold glitter – Reid, India, Lilly, Kerim, Mace, Mariah, Eva and Ellie really enjoyed this today, and persisted through the trickiness of balancing their pine cone in one hand whilst painting it with the other hand
  • Playdough (red and white) with red and gold glitter throughout – Mariah, Oli, Kerim, Reid, Ellie, Oli, Xavier and Marshall LOVED working/kneading the glitter through their playdough
  • Mace and Kerim played together with the Mobilo construction today, and created cars and planes – good teamwork boys!
  • We also played and danced to some of our favourite action songs – the children’s choices today included “Going on a Bear hunt”; “Dr Knickerbocker” and “Freeze song” – lots of great participation Pre-Kindy!
  • Making paper chain Christmas decorations for our room – this was a bit tricky for some of our friends at first, but with some perseverance, many had success – great concentration and hand-eye coordination Marshal and Coen especially!
  • Arakan self-defence classes were also a lot of fun today. Lilly and India particularly enjoyed their running races, whilst Xavier enjoyed pummelling Mr Daniel’s heavy glove

Until tomorrow everyone, stay safe and well. Much love, Miss Donna and Miss Amanda XX