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Hello everyone, and welcome to Thursday. The children have been so very excited all day as we get ready for our Halloween event tonight. We have made more Halloween crafts today- Mummies form black cardboard, masking tape, glue and googly eyes – Marshall, Reid, Mace, Henry, Genevieve, India, Ellie and Eva really, really enjoyed this – it takes a lot of skill to rip and tear masking tape, so is a great activity for strengthening the small muscles in fingers.

In addition, we made spiders from cardboard, pipe cleaners, coloured paper and glue – Xavier was extremely proud of his creation!

Once again, the black Playdough was a popular choice – especially for Myah, Kerim, Charlotte and Mariah – lots of different animal shapes were made from cookie cutters.

Coen was very happy playing with the doll’s house this morning, whilst Braxton enjoyed home corner.

Lilly and Dylan enjoyed painting at the easel with cotton buds and acrylic paints, creating a variety of abstract paintings that utilised a rich variety of colours.

In addition, we had our favourite Arakan class today in the outside treehouse.

In the afternoon, Kerim, Braxton, Lilly, Coen and Reid helped Miss Steph decorate Arrowroot biscuits with icing and lots of spooky Halloween edible bits – what a fabulous treat!

We truly hope you enjoy the photographs from today, and we hope to see you tonight for lots more Halloween fun and frivolity!

Take care Pre-Kindy families.

Much love, Miss Donna, Miss Tania, Miss Livia and Miss Steph xxx