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Hello everyone, and welcome to a very hot Thursday. We played outside early this morning before it got far too warm. Fun outdoor play experiences included:

  • Large water trough with sea animals and boats – Kerim, Coen Marshall and Reid had a great time splashing about with the animals
  • Lilly and Indi did some fancy cooking in the outdoor mud kitchen
  • Arakan class was lots of fun today – Charlotte, Ellie, Mariah, Henry, Oli, Lilly, Eva and Braxton in particular all practised very hard to perfect their self- defence moves


During indoor play today the children enjoyed the following:

  • Continuing to make paper chains for Christmas decorations – Genevieve excelled at this today and made several chain links all by herself – well done
  • Mariah, Eva, Ellie, Coen, Xavier and Oli made some very special reindeers today at the craft table
  • Henry made a fantastic rock catcher with Mobilo blocks, as well as a plane

In addition, we sang Christmas songs, including the children’s favourites – “Jingle Bells” and “Rudolf the red nosed reindeer”, as well as one of Pre-Kindy’s favourite silly songs –  “Wash your face with orange juice”

Later afternoon activities available today included:

  • Red playdough with matchsticks, rolling pins and large coloured paddle pop sticks
  • Collage with confetti pieces, sequins, PVC glue and silvery glitter pipe cleaners
  • Giant Lego blocks on the mat

Enjoy the rest of your day today and stay cool in the heat! Please remember to dress your child in an outfit with sleeves to avoid getting burnt…especially if coming to Pre-Kindy tomorrow – forecast is set for 36 degrees.

Love, Miss Donna and Miss Amanda xx