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Good afternoon Pre Kindy families. Today we enjoyed fruit stamp painting, after group time where we learned all about fruit and seeds, we also saw that apples and pears have a star in the centre of them formed by the seeds. Reid was excited by this and told us that there are also stars in the sky after dark. We once again enjoyed the play dough with pipe cleaners, sticks, scissors & coloured gems, this seems to be a favourite this week as the children enjoy the texture on the dough.Other activities we enjoyed were, bathing our babies and drying them, as well as feeding them in home corner – small LEGO blocks, constructing houses and farms – Arakarn with Mr Daniel and dancing and singing in our outdoor classroom. We have had a lovely day and look forward to seeing all our friends again tomorrow for another fun day of play and learning. Love from Miss Donna & Miss Lyn. 😊💕💕😊