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Happy Thursday 😊

What a wonderful Thursday we have had in the Pre-Kindergarten room. This morning we enjoyed the outdoors climbing over and jumping off the obstacle course onto the soft mats. A few of our friends were having trouble landing or were a bit nervous to jump off the plank so we practiced bending our knees when we land and holding Miss Livia’s hand to jump and start to build confidence. The children also enjoyed some quiet reading time under the shade of the tree and racing down the swirly slides.

Once we came inside, we sang some joyful songs to put smiles on our faces and then danced along to the ‘Wombat Wobble’ which is an old favourite of Pre-K’s. We all giggled and had so much fun! The children chose to play with playdough, drawing, cars and home corner today. It was nice playing in the air con as each day is becoming quite hot. Small groups went outside for a short while, playing in treehouse to do Arakan Martial Arts with Mr Dan. Inside we also had a table where we practiced writing our names.

Have a great afternoon 😊

Miss TJ and Miss Livia xxx