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Good Morning families and welcome back !

We hope that everyone enjoyed their long weekends and are looking forward to the week ahead. Today the Pre-Kindy room was at full capacity as we welcomed so many of our friends into the yard. Today at Kindy we have Harry, Cruiz, Harrison, Myla, Everlea, Colten, Ivy, Ariana, Cohen, Charlotte, Lincoln, Sayde, Madalyn, Harper, Amelia, Lachlan, Ryan, Lily, Latika, Bjorn, Chanel and Delila.

From outside play we transitioned into group time, encouraging all children to put their hats in their lockers and to then find themselves on the mat. We lead with our acknowledgement to land, followed by our good morning song. This morning we took a step back into our space adventure as over the weekend we had some astronauts make their way back home to earth. So we were lucky enough to watch a video of the capsule with the astronauts fly down from space and when they got closer to earth parachutes were released to slow them down before landing into the ocean. When watching this the children were so excited and as the landing occurred they all clapped for their safe landing.

With all the excitement and energy the children had today Miss Bek and Miss Tiffany decided to take advantage of the amazing weather and have an outside day, we have so many activities and areas for the children to play with. There was painting, playdough, mud kitchen . Charlotte and Amelia stated off painting, Miss Tiffany helped them into aprons and got some paper ready, when Miss Tiffany asked the girls what they were painting Amelia responded with “I’m painting a mud puddle” and Charlotte responded with “I’m painting my big poo”.

Harper, Ariana, Delila and Latika were all playing together in the sand pit; “Miss Tiffany were making dinner, it is pasta and noodles”. Ivy, Maddi, Ryan, Lachlan, Bjorn were all making birthday cakes apparently it is Miss Tiffany birthday and she is turning 15 years old. The children absolutely love making things for Miss Tiffany and Miss Bek whilst they are out in the yard.

Food for the day; Morning tea saw us having watermelon and pancakes and for lunch we had noddle’s with a salad bar.

Friendly reminder to start bring warm clothes for the children as we are heading into colder temperatures, please label all children’s clothes and belongings so we can ensure they go home in the correct bags 🙂

With love, Miss Bek and Miss Tiffany