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Good afternoon to all our Pre-Kindy families, and welcome to T-riffic Tuesday!

Today we took part in further small conversational reading experiences in our new reading nook created by Miss Donna on the weekend. Indi, Ollie and Marlie had lots of fun with the book “Spot a lot vehicle adventure”. By incorporating the basic Abecedarian approach to conversational reading, which consists of “See, show, say”, this meant that all the children were actively involved in the reading process, without necessarily following the words of the book. Today, I involved the children in identifying images and colours, by asking, “Can you SEE a dog. Look at what he is doing. He is in an aeroplane”, followed by asking “Can you SHOW me the yellow giraffe?”, ending with “What is he doing?” Conversational reading helps children to learn new words, expands their language skills, and is a wonderful tool for encouraging enhanced literacy in the lead up to formal schooling. Arlo and his daddy had a conversational reading experience in the reading nook as well this morning, reading “Pig the Pug” back and forth together. If you have time, please make yourself comfortable in the space and have an enjoyable read with your child or peruse the information on the walls.

Today our friends were very involved in playing with the following:

  • Our new dress up outfits and “home corner” equipment/furnishings. William looked swell in a fancy bowler hat as he rustled up a meal in the kitchen. Ellie and Indi wore green see-through scarves on their heads, Marlie donned a fancy pink hat accessorised with a blue handbag, whilst Chi watched herself dancing gracefully in front of the big mirror on the end of the dress ups wardrobe. Maia, Ollie, Chi, Ellie, Harvey and William also did some ironing with our new ironing board. Everyone was so busy!
  • Extending upon our love of creatures, critters and bugs, today we had a look at a fruit bat video where we got to see the bat’s bones up close in their wings, and the way that they hung upside down when resting. Following on from this, we made our own bats from black foam board, matchsticks and glue. Asher and Zander were really taken with this activity today, especially as both boys had Batman T-shirts on 😊 Arlo, Harley and Harvey wanted to make lots of bats!
  • We also looked at the bones in our hands today, and then Miss Donna instigated drawing outlines of some of the children’s hands with chalk. Very soon, Maia and Ivy were attempting to draw around their own hands
  • Colour sorting and shape matching with animal train pieces. The children really love this activity and spend a long time choosing the correct piece to match the same coloured animal or vehicle component on the boards
  • Another fun activity today was colouring sand blue with tempera powder. Zander wondered why the sand was not as dark as the blue powder in the can. Miss Donna explained that it was because it was mixed with sand. All the children were very keen to help mix the sand before we put dinosaurs in it to play with….and before we knew it, we all had blue hands! Everyone thought this was very funny. Some of us also have blue feet from walking in the coloured sand. Fortunately, it fades within 24-36 hours.

Until tomorrow everyone, please enjoy today’s blog. Enjoy your evening!

Take care, Miss Donna and Miss Livia 😊