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Good afternoon everyone, and welcome to T-RIFFIC Tuesday! Today we had lots of fun outside during free play in the  morning. Favourites included being pushed on the giant swing, playing with water, bubbles and animals in the big blue trough, riding bikes and scooters, and building with large assorted wooden blocks.

Following morning tea, we had a fun group time with Miss Dominique, where we practised our Yoga stretches and poses, as well as our breathwork. We all felt very calm when we then enjoyed some play-based experiences, including:

– Building towers with assorted loose parts. Jaxon, Ella and Arlo worked really well together to create an extremely tall wooden tower which kept falling over. All three children though this was hilarious, and kept building it over and over again. Harley also ended up joining in on the activity. According to the Early years Learning Framework (Outcome 4), this type of play experience is an indication of how children develop dispositions for learning such as curiosity, cooperation, confidence, creativity, commitment, enthusiasm, persistence, imagination and reflexivity.

  • Another activity the children really enjoyed today was using droppers, water colours and paper towels to create a mixture of new colours and blended colours. This activity was particularly enjoyed by Harley, Ella, Maia, Arlo, Harvey, India, Zahra, Kaylee, Ivy and William. It was a great opportunity to engage in verbal interactions with the children, to work on and extend colour recognition skills, and to enjoy being experimental and creative

– We also had lots of fun with coloured stones, playdough, rolling pins and individual alfoil pie tins (very kindly provided by India’s mum!). The children had a wonderful time making small birthday cakes and muffins – especially India, Lily, Chi and William.

One of the other exciting activities enjoyed by all our friends today was the woodworking and construction table. We had so many engineers with us here today! This was a great opportunity for the children to develop a range of skills and processes such as problem solving, inquiry, experimentation, and imagination.

Until tomorrow everyone, please enjoy your evening! Miss Donna and Miss Dominique x